Beyond the HYPE Podcast

Beyond the HYPE is a podcast co-created by the HYPE Project research team and young people involved in the project. The series presents discussion around young people’s health and well-being including the link between physical exercise and health, social welfare issues, discrimination, inequalities and much more!

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Inequalities in Healthcare Services: Part 2

In this second part of our series exploring inequalities in healthcare services, Srishti and Shaza talk to Dr. Preety Das and Dr. Vishal Bhavsar about the value of having a safe space to talk about challenges one may face when working in healthcare, the importance of diversifying education and training curriculums in medicine, and much more.

Preety and Vish are trained in medicine and members of the Royal College of Psychiatrists as well as active researchers in the field of mental and physical health inequalities. They are steering members of the Maudsley Cultural Psychiatry Group (MCPG) which aims to encourage and facilitate sociocultural education and community engagement amongst trainee and practising psychiatrists and other healthcare professionals. The MCPG offers a safe space for people from diverse backgrounds to talk about their experiences in life, work, and education.

Inequalities in Healthcare Services: Part 1

In this first episode of our two-part series on inequalities in healthcare services, Srishti, a 3rd year medical student with a keen interest in mental health, and Shaza, a HYPE Project volunteer, talk to Dr. Juliana Onwumere about the challenges of working in healthcare and other organisations when from an ethnic minority background. They discuss the impacts of unfair treatment and how we can retain hope in challenging circumstances.

Juliana is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist at the South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust and researcher at King’s College London. She has dedicated her research and clinical efforts to treating people with severe mental health problems and their families and has a keen interest in increasing social inclusion and decreasing stigma within healthcare services. Much of this work is linked to the Tackling Inequalities and Discrimination Experiences (TIDES) Project, a research initiative at King’s examining the effects of unfair treatment experienced by healthcare practitioners on work and health outcomes. 

Glossary of Terms:

  • Cultural barriers: challenges to cooperation at work between members with different cultural practices including communication styles
  • De-stigmatisation: decreasing public notions of shame or disgrace towards a marginalised group of people, often those with mental health difficulties
  • Explicit attitude: an attitude an individual has chosen consciously, with any associated behaviours or statements usually made apparent and clear
  • Implicit attitude: an attitude an individual has not chosen consciously, with any associated behaviours or statements usually harder to detect
  • Microaggressions: Subtle and recurring forms of discrimination towards a member of a marginalised group, these are not always intentional
  • Multidisciplinary team: the cooperation of academic and professional experts from one or more clinical disciplines who together make decisions regarding recommended treatment of individual patients to address a specific problem
  • Workplace disciplinary procedures: actions taken against an employee in response to issues with their performance at work or behaviour, or work absence

Mental Health Stigma and Early Intervention

In this episode of Beyond the HYPE podcast, HYPE Project member Emma talks to Shaza and Dr June Brown about mental health stigma in schools, how to talk to your friends and parents/guardians about mental health, the importance of getting help early and more!

What are loot boxes? Should loot boxes be considered gambling? What can you do if you or someone you know experience problem gambling? What are the signs and effects of gambling addiction? We talk to Dr Heather Wardle and Dr Emmert Roberts to find out. 

This episode is hosted by Maria, Vanessa, Jordan and Christine – Sixth form students at St Martin-in-the-Fields High School for Girls.

HeadSmart: Lockdown. The impact of lockdown on young people

In our first remotely recorded episode, Dalya and Justyn talk to Professor Nicola Fear, Dr Daniel Leightley, PhD student Alice Wickersham and Dr Cerisse Gunasinghe about their new research study called The HeadSmart: Lockdown which aims to investigate the impact of the coronavirus lockdown on young people’s health and wellbeing. The study has a particular focus on understanding the impact of young people aged 18-24 who are either key workers themselves or live in a household with a key worker.

Men's Mental Health with 90s Baby Show

Our guests are Temi, Fred and Dennis from the 90s Baby Show. In this episode, we talk about men’s mental health, the difficulties men may face with services and what we can do as researchers to better engage and recruit men for research projects. A huge thank you to Temi, Fred and Dennis for taking part. You can find them on Youtube, Instagram and Twitter, and on their website

Talking to Dr Rina Dutta about Social Media and her Research

Winners of the BRC Youth Awards 2019 talk to Dr Rina Dutta about her career, her research, and the impact of social media on self-harm in young people. Is social media here to stay? Should we try to reduce the time we spend on it? What are the benefits of social media? Find out in this episode of Beyond the HYPE.

Dr Dutta is a Senior Clinical Lecturer and Consultant Psychiatrist working at King’s College London.

NIHR Maudsley BRC Conference 2019

Together with our young people, The HYPE Project presented an interactive demo session at the annual NIHR Maudsley BRC Conference. As part of the session, we interviewed the conference attendees asking them to introduce themselves, tell us about their work and how they found the conference this year. This episode presents these mini interviews and is hosted by Shan, Joshua and Sahed with input from The HYPE Project research assistants Fiyory and Nicol.

Some of the projects discussed in the podcast are IMPARTS, RADAR CNS & The GLAD Study.

Health Inequalities and Discrimination

In episode 4 of Beyond the HYPE, Dr Sally Marlow talks to Professor Stephani Hatch and Dr Cerisse Gunasinghe about health inequalities, discrimination, early life adversity and conducting research in South East London.

Sally’s Storm and Stress series is available on the BBC website.

Exercise and Mental Health

Is there a relationship between exercise and emotional wellness? How do you find the motivation to increase your physical activity on a daily basis? What is the Up & Running project? We talk to Dr Charlotte Woodhead, Dr Cerisse Gunasinghe and Fiyory Ghezae to find out! The episode is hosted by Dr Megan Parsons. Megan has completed a medical degree and is currently studying an MSc in Global Health and Social Justice at King’s College London. 

Click here to access the full version of the research paper discussed in the episode. You can also watch a video by Dr Sam Harvey, the author of the study. Alternatively, you can read a blog post about the study.

For more information about Up & Running and to sign-up visit

Interview with Professor Matthew Hotopf part 2

Listen to part two of our BRC Youth Award students interviewing Professor Matthew Hotopf as part of their Youth Takeover Challenge. Hear about the misconceptions about the health of young people, priorities in mental health research and more!

Professor Matthew Hotopf is the Director of the NIHR Maudsley Biomedical Research Centre and Vice Dean of Research at Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience, King’s College London. He has recently been awarded a CBE for services to psychiatric research. 

Interview with Professor Matthew Hotopf part 1

In this episode, we present extracts from our interview with Professor Matthew Hotopf. Esther Tolani and Nicol Bergou along with our 2018 BRC Youth Award winners Aafrin, Amina, Kash, and Ore asked Professor Hotopf questions related to young people’s mental health and his research at King’s College London. The podcast was recorded as part of the student’s activities during their NIHR Maudsley BRC Youth Takeover Day.

Professor Matthew Hotopf is the Director of the NIHR Maudsley Biomedical Research Centre and Vice Dean of Research at Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience, King’s College London. He has recently been awarded a CBE for services to psychiatric research. 

A special thanks to Dr Sally Marlow, (Engagement and Impact Fellow at King’s College London) for her mentoring and guidance during the creation of this series.