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Screen Time and Mental Health

For more information about to study and to express your interest, please email norha.vera@kcl.ac.uk, or call 020 7848 5129.

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RADAR-MDD aims to use wearable technology, such as smartphone sensors and fitness trackers, to measure symptoms of major depressive disorder and predict future relapse. We are recruiting people who have recently experienced depression to participate. Participants will be given a FitBit and asked to download some apps onto their smartphone: some apps will be used to collect information from sensors which are already in most modern smartphone; other apps will be used for participants to answer questionnaires about their mood and social environment, or complete some cognitive tasks. For a maximum of 2-years, this data will provide insight into changes in physical activity, sleep, stress, mood, sociability, speech and cognitive function, which may be associated with future depressive relapse. For more information, contact Grace at grace.lavelle@kcl.ac.uk

Mental Health in South East London

A qualitative study of city life and mental health – In this research project we want to learn more about the mental health of young people who live in South East London. We are especially interested in how living in South East London affects their mental health. We are recruiting people (age 18-35) who have recently experienced common mental health problems such as worries, stress or low mood for interviews. The interview would last around an hour and focus on learning more about their experiences, their life, and what they think about the places they live. For more information, contact Rasmus at rasmus.birk@kcl.ac.uk

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